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Flat galaxies in Virgo

Martin Meredith

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Excellent clear night yesterday even though it didn't get fully dark until 11.30 (pretty tired today at work...). The SQM reading reached 20.5, which is unusual for where I live. I had a long session looking at galaxies, galaxy clusters, globulars, an open cluster and Tabby's Star. Here are a few flat galaxies (all members of the Flat Galaxy Catalogue, FGC) in Virgo.

NGC 4437 = FGC 1455 is quite bright and bears some resemblance to the Whale but without the Pup


NGC 4430 = FGC 1423 is quite a bit fainter. With time the core became visible as a brightish spot


NGC 5170 = FGC 1626 is my favourite of the lot, not just because of the almost perfect shape and bright core, but because of the 'ear-ring' like asterism to the lower right.


Usual kit: alt-az mounted Quattro 8" f4 Newt, Lodestar X2 mono, StarlightLive software

Thanks for looking


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