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CMOS short exposure from severe LP zone NGC6946


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I'm convinced, after years of imaging with QSI683 and SX814, my new king is the QHY 163M

This image needs another 4 to 5x imaging time, but I could not wait to share first LRGB results of this camera,

so yes there is noise, but at 30sec subs for LRGB and a total of 300 subs I was impatient after first night and processed the set anyway. The processing in itself is a feast, just used 100 bias frames, no dark, no flats. Offset was 60 gain 30

I cropped to take care of vignet, but hey the FOV still is acceptable ...

I live in a red zone, and true dark is almost gone so half of the set was taken in astronomical twilight ...


Who could ever imaging a camera at a fraction of the cost, producing such results in a short total amount of time, 2.5h ...


34002288474_2349311f67_c.jpgNGC6946 by Yves, on Flickr

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On 5/23/2017 at 20:53, pietervdv said:

Hi Yves,

Nice shot!

This camera uses the same CMOS chip as the ASI-1600MM right? I agree there is a cmos revolution upon us. I have been very happy with my asi1600.




Yes it is the same chip, the advantage is that the QHY has a frame buffer so chip readout is always exactly the same, so calibration files are identical, lights are identical, calibration is in the few tests I did a 100% match,

which also helps to get nice results rather quickly ...





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On 5/23/2017 at 21:52, Mick J said:

That's nice Yves,  will you be allowed to take the camera south to some dark sky's   :wink2:  

Yeah I'm allowed :-D In fact I should really consider mounting it on the ODK at Olly's place. The issue would be that it would gather to much data and so the stacking should be done onsite ...



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