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Centre bolt on Orion Eq6


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I've removed my EQ6 from its tripod legs and installed the head directly onto a wooden plate of 20mm thickness as follows: post-434-14074145542566_thumb.jpg 

 The center bolt which came with the tripod is a so called shoulder bolt of 12mm thickness. I opted to use a simple threaded 12mm rod but this does not clamp the head onto the base sufficiently snuggly. 

It seems that there are 2 solutions:

1. Either go for a thinner base onto which to mount the head and so use the original supplied threaded bolt

2. Source the righted specced 12mm shoulder bolt

Any ideas of which may be the better route?


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Thanks for the links and suggestions. The image was taken from another forum but the setup is the same. I think I'm going to use the 6mm Al/steel plate option. 

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So using the link just posted, I tried a very simple but effective solution: Take a 12mm bolt and measure the needed length by comparing with the original center bolt supplied with the tripod. Then using the original to determine the length of the area that has no thread, then remove the thread on the new 12mm bolt with a little grinder. Now install the new modified bolt. Works perfectly. thanks for all the help and ideas here. 

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