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Astro-Physics CCDT67 ***SOLD*** and Teleskop-Service TSRED052

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I don't use these. I used the AP CCDT67 some years back on an 8"RC with good result.

Casing and lenses impeccable.

The TS one comes with a 'gift box' but not the hard case that goes in the box. It's either gone missing or I never had it.

TSRED052: £30


CCDT67: £120 SOLD




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Hi, no I really couldn't tell, or even guess. Plenty of these reducers out there though so search around for someone who's actually tried it.


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Ahhhh, just bit the bullet to buy the CCDT67 from Teleskop.de and all the time I could have got one a lot cheaper, last night I figured I'd wait and then thought, "lets raid my piggy bank"

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