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Rings, saddles and bars - ALL SOLD

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Geoptic dual vixen saddle: 320mm * 100mm. CC between Viven bars about 210mm. The saddle itself needs to be bolted to another plate to fix to a mount. £42 SOLD

Pair of guide rings: 100mm - good for up to 95mm guide scopes. Nylon ends on bolts. The bolts tighten with a 4mm allen wrench. Each ring is flattened to allow for secure one bolt mounting to a plate. I think it's M5 or M6. £37 SOLD

Altair Astro blue anodized Vixen saddle. As per Altair specs but some noticeable UV discoloration. Function not affected of course. £15 SOLD

Farpoint FDUP black 14" Losmandy plate. Has one visible mark from a bolt in the centre slot. Otherwise mint. £20 SOLD

I'll aim to ship from the UK so tracked postage is included for the UK.

I just don't like to have stuff like this in storage when it should be used.

At present not listed elsewhere.


AA vixen.jpg


Farpoint plate.jpg



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I will buy the   (Farpoint FDUP black 14" Losmandy plate)  if its still for sale.

But just reading again the post above i think its sold but i'll post this anyhow just in case.

Thx Paul

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