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Tabby's Star dipping again


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I'm excited, sure, but it's getting a bit wild out there: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/05/tabbys-star-alien-megastructure/527382/

I'd love it to be a dyson sphere, but we here know it isn't don't we.  Don't we?

I'm curious and excited about what it may actually be but I'm pretty sure it's not an alien megastructure.

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I haven't formed much of an opinion yet, other than that of "alien mega-structures" being one of the least likely! There are early suggestions from recent data that dust is involved, but combined with the constant steady dimming over time, I'm leaning towards the idea that the star absorbed (or partly absorbed) another body, temporarily brightening it and also throwing debris everywhere.

Of course, nobody really knows until there's a lot more "caught in the act" data!

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The amount of energy and material involved to build such vast structures such as Dyson type solar panels would be phenomenal, for a start they would have to be over 4 000 000 Km across!!!!! My money is on a natural cause such as in the post above.

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