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A recent Jupiter & Saturn...

Kokatha man

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Hi SGL'ers, we haven't managed too much imaging of late, mainly due to clouds - but here is a Jupiter & a Saturn from the 2nd May this year...

The Jove gives a good view of the turbulence following the GRS & also some vey nice traceries of festooning in the EZ - this is about 24 minutes of data here. Some quite nice single-channel images also...

The Saturn from later in the same night (before clouds stopped our imaging session) represents 4 r-g-b sets staggered over nearly 40 minutes duration...plenty of hair-dryer "defogging" of the corrector plate in between capture sets. ;)

Despite the length of the WinJupos derotation it appears as if there "might" be some subliminal disk activity...& the North Polar Hexagon remained very clear, which is not always the case with multiple WJ combinations... :) 






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I had a go at Jupiter RGB for the very first time last week. Seeing your images makes me think I should probably give up. Simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

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Thanks fellas :) - Notty, seeing & elevation are always critical aspects in imaging...down here in South Australia Jove only gets to 60 degrees at maximum...but that is a whole lot higher than in the UK for instance! - in a few years the roles will be reversed somewhat,  so whatever experience you get in the interim will stand you in good stead!

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Sublime as ever Darryl - what's not to like. The detail in Saturn's polar hexagon is amazing - you can clearly see structure within structure - beautiful and always a pleasure to view your work.

                                           Best regards,


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