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Putting Omegon SWA 32mm back together

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Hi All,

New to the forum and in astronomy. I got my first telescope about 6 months ago along with a set of eyepieces one of which is the Omegon SWA 32mm (http://www.omegon.eu/omegon-swa-32mm-2r-eyepiece/p,14646)

Due to my inexperience and an unfortunate series of events I managed one night to actually unscrew the cap that was holding all the lenses in place and as a result they came out ... Now this happened while observing (!) so I didn't note the order unfortunately ... 

I have put it back together in what I think is the proper order but the view is now distorted at the edges ... I tried to contact Omegon to provide me with the order of the lenses but they said this is not something they can do.

I was wondering if someone that does have this eyepiece and has taken it apart (for cleaning maybe?) could tell me what I am doing wrong ... The attached image shows the current arrangement, with the observer being on the left side and the blue rectangles being the metallic divisions.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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I think you may have 1 and/or 2 flipped.  Generally, the plano side (or concave) side of the eye lens faces the eye, never the convex side.  Try flipping 1 to see if it improves the view.  If so, try flipping 2 as well.  I'm pretty sure 4 is in the right place with the right orientation, acting as a telenegative lens to slow down and disperse the incoming light cone.  3 might be between 1 and 2, but I have no idea which way it should go.  Also, check out this diagram of a Panoptic for more ideas.

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