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heads up new action 16-5-17


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no I havnt clear skys , horrible evil cloud here in south wales, so I was having my cloudy day fix on the soho website and noticed some new action whats moved onto the disc overnight, its just a small spot and there some more towards the center where that snakey stuffs been for the last few days. 

hope somebody has clear to get eyes on.  charl.

heres sohos shot.


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Well just had a look through some thinner cloud with the LS60DS and it was pretty underwhelming, a small area of bright plaque, no proms to speak of and no spots visible in HA, but I had no time to fiddle with the tuning.

On the bright side it's a lot higher in the sky than last time I saw it from home.


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thanks Dave, at least you got a look mate, still dark and drizzling here, it hasn't cleared at all like the forcast said it would, hope we have better weather tomorrow, at least where not missing much.  charl.

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we have a number for the new ARs now, its 2657 for the one towards the middle and 2656 for the one nearest the oncoming limb, seams abit backwards but maybe the latter is a returning one. still 100% cloud here today :hmh:. charl.


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added pics
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