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Jupiter 14th May - good seeing


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At long last the seeing gods cooperated and we had a short spell of good seeing for imaging and visual delight even at 34 degrees altitude..

The detail was exquisite through the eyepiece. The GRS to Oval BA region visible in the southern hemisphere and an nice ringed oval and bright disturbance on the CM in the NEB.
Best regards


Jupiter 2017-05-14-2123_PE.jpg

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That is a beautiful image, and I nearly cried when I saw "good seeing" having had my first bash at Jupiter on the same night and put my dreadful results down to poor seeing... however, it was my first play with Winjupos and although I managed to derotate about maybe 4 mins total, this was knitted together from 3 separate derogated images from each RGB channel, so can I ask was your 10 mins made up of 3x 3.33 mins per channel or 3 lots of 10 mins?  Sorry for the native question but I've only stuck my toe in the water with this WJ stuff!

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Hi Notty,

The image was taken with a colour camera, so it was 4 x 2 min video captures over about 10 mins. I do not bother de-rotating each video with only a 2 min length. Each video was then processed in AS2!, Regi6 and mild Photoshop before using WinJUPOS to measure each image and then de-rotate them into a single image. This combined image was then processed in Photoshop to give the final result.

If I was doing a mono RGB image then I would take multiple 2 min Rs Gs and Bs process each as per above combining in WinJupos to make one R G and B image. Then use WinJupos to combine and de-rotate the R, G and B into a final colour image for processing in photoshop.

Hope that makes sense.


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That is a great capture Peter. Glad you got some lovely seeing! The anticipation when you see it revealing its details through the eyepiece and things look half settled - You know it's gonna be good! A lovely image indeed.

                                         Best regards,


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