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Walking on the Moon

Jupiters moon Io ???


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Ok, so this is not a very impressive image, at all, i guess from a quality point of view, 

But, to capture an image of another moon, around another planet is incredible imho with a small scope such as a 127mm Mak

I think i had 2 barrows stacked and captured a few minutes video, then i have literally processed the hell out it and increased the image scale, and i am pretty sure, to my eyes there seems to be a sort of "mottling" of the colour.

If its a load of rubbish and its just some aberration of the scope/optical train/camera just say and someone can delete it. lol



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I think that's great Bobby. This grab from virtual planet atlas I think might be a near(ash) match with the red area bottom left. It could be Ethiopia Planum (the red patch in your image) if I'm reading it correctly. Bear in mind things have probably changed a little since Galileo snapped this a few years ago.



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4 hours ago, Jeff-Colorado said:

Nice image! It is very difficult with small scopes to get any detail of those moons.

I use this wonderful Sky and Telescope calculator to know where the moons are before I look at Jupiter:

I used an app on my phone. Checked and re checked. Definitely Io. 

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Yes, of course it is, one of the characteristics of it is the oval shape due to albedo spots.
Io is an extremely dynamic Moon, the tidal forces that act on it are immense and due to this the volcanic activity is quite intense. Not infrequently volcanoes expel material into space that could be captured by imagers on earth. It would be interesting to send the image to PVOL (http://pvol2.ehu.eus/pvol2/) for study.
Great job for such a small scope!

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