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Skipper Billy    1,360

I am just considering the best way to go about things next season.

My new setup - Quattro CF10 and Atik 460 will give me less than 1 arc second per pixel - our very best seeing here tends  to be about 2 - 3 arc seconds.

So I am planning on binning Lum 2x2 as a trial against 1x1 - back to back.

Does that sound sensible?

If I bin the L 2x2 should I bin the RGB 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4?

Any comments on binning most welcome!

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wimvb    1,901

I think I wouldn't bin at all. Even with seeing the way it is, I would go with bin 1x1on L and RGB. RGB can give synthetic L, and improve total L. Some photographers don't even use L, but just create synthetic from RGB.

Just a thought.

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ollypenrice    17,018

I think you should experiment. I have never found that the orthodoxy agreed with my own findings. There are imagers in the UK (like Tim Jardine on here) who have demonstrated that you can resolve to good effect at a resolution far finer than the orthodoxy would suggest. Do your own comparative tests. This won't involve throwing away any data but it will tell you what is the optimum way to collect it. If I had listened to the theorists I'd possibly still be collecting ten hours of data in five minute subs. Without wanting to start an argument, I don't do that now!



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tony210    145

Just an anecdote - I agree with experimenting as I tried binning my QSI 683 at 2x2, which technically was the right thing to do as without  binning my set up was working at 0.67 arc sec per pixel so not  really compatible with UK seeing - however - after a trial the processing of unbinned subs revealed far more detailed results  than binned so you have to experiment and go with what works for you !- Tony

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iapa    526
On 19/05/2017 at 09:57, Skipper Billy said:

Thanks guys - will do a wee back to back trial and see what happens !

How did you get on?

ive just taken delivery of the 10”CF Quattro myself

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