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Jupiter GRS


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Great second night tonight

started earlier and great detail on Jupiter  and got to make out the GRS. First time I have seen it and whilst small it's still great to finally see it

then spent the next hour just looking around which I've never done before but could have spent the whole night just skipping around. 

And yet another first I managed to split a double star... I have no idea which one

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Are you using any star-charts or a Planetarium-Program to help you locate what's up there at any time you wish? Such as Stellarium? I ask as if you're not, we can help you with such and it won't cost you a pence.

In the meanwhile, here's an excellent site to go to find out what's up in your local sky at any given time:


Just tell it where you are located, and a few other details, and away you go! FREE - but of course!

Have fun -


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Hi Dave. 

Yes I have Stellarium and the book "turn left at Orion" 

need to have a nice clear night out there without the telescope to find my way around. 

There was too much cover last night

thanks a lot though

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The GRS is an amazing thing to see for the first time - it changes year by year so keep looking!

The double star might well have been Porrima (Gamma Virginis) which is very close to Jupiter (just above it and to the right) at the moment - a pair of white/yellow stars which are close but can be resolved with even a small scope (2017).


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