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what is this ??

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these are pictures of orion taken almost a year ago from my home, sorry about the light pollution.  they were taken with my note 5 attached to my etx60 and are 30 second exposures... their is something there i didnt notice until all was done... i have no clue what it is so i just figured it was space junk, any thoughts would be appreciated...




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If you'd like to check out if it was a satellite, you can use satellite-tracking software-programs. Not perfect by anyone's guess, but it may give you positive results for many of satellites we've got zipping over our heads. My favored program for this is Previsat - from France (in English) - which is free to download and use. Just keep it updated. Here's a link for any interested parties who may be reading this:


It's far more crowded up there than most people realize! McDonalds got to within ONE vote in the US Congress to launch their 'Golden Arches' as a banner going over the night-sky forever - or until someone came along to send it hurtling to a fiery death in the atmosphere.

Have fun!


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