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Wedding cake for an astronomer


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I am getting married in a few hours. Just got to see the wedding cake. Some of you may have seen a couple of posts from over the last year about the proposal (under the stars in Namibia with a scope pointed at Saturn), the engagement ring (with star motifs and pieces of meteorite) and my cufflinks which are the same. We have kept the theme going with the wedding cake, choosing several of our favourite constellations showing both Classical Greek representations and actual star positions. The cake topper is Lyra (my favourite). The colour has been airbrushed on so not to affect the flavour profile of the cake.





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Amazing Matthew, looks incredible. I hope it tastes as good :)

Now, off you go and enjoy your day, I'm sure the CFO would not be amused at you being on SGL today ;) 

More seriously, have a fabulous day and enjoy every minute. It will fly by!

Congratulations! :) 

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Very Innovative, and very well constructed too.
I love the Colour, which relates strongly to Vega, Lyra's Alpha Star. 
Not sure If that was by design, but it suits  so well.
I wish you both a very happy Union, and in time you produce some little stars of your own.
Best Wishes.:icon_salut::icon_salut:.

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Congratulations Matthew, what a lovey cake. Hope you had a great day and enjoy the rest of your days together.

Hope to see you  again at September's AstroCamp.

All the best,


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