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Sol HA, WL, Proms 13-5-17

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well thay said it was going to be 100% clear this morning, so I got 90% fast moving cloud, managed to get a few vids none without cloud in them, not the best of shots ive had to do a lot of photoshop magic on them. WL is blank apart from some snakey stuff on the on coming limb, HA theres a few filaments near the top of the disc, no big proms.

kit ed80,quark chromo, asi120mc, for HA, 120mm f5, lunt wedge, 1200d for WL.

thanks for looking and I hope you have better skys than me.  charl.

oncoming limb.




prom 1 near 6 oclock.


prom 2 near 1 oclock




look what I got yesterday as a gift from my daughter,

MacBook pro i7 . I'm very happy :hello2:


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Basically the same here this morning, gaps and fast moving clouds.

Had a quick glimpse with the 25mm found the Prom at 6oclock so got the Cam out.

Wanted to avoid the glare on the PC screen so rain a extension on the USB cable into the house but the software kept dropping the frames. Cable to long grrrrrr

By the time I got it sorted the clouds had come rolling in so did not get any pics.

Still the same now........... 10 minutes cloud. 1 minute sun.



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thanks Pat, I don't have a problem with sun glare on the pc, I shoot from indoors with the scope sticking though the curtains, but I only have 2 hours or so when sols in range, the gaps have got a lot bigger now its well outa range. hope it improves cloud wise. charl.

20 minutes ago, valleyman said:

Wanted to avoid the glare on the PC


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I will have to try out the window like you:)

Having done astro for so long. observing from indoors has always been a no no. But I suppose that is different with Solar as no need for cool down periods etc.

But again like you I get a very short time in the morning maybe a couple of hours,  as I live in a valley and the hill to the east of me is about 150m away and 350mm high so I don't get the sun until 8am now

and in the winter not at all.

All I got to do now is get the wife to clean the windows :icon_biggrin:.



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thanks Pat, i have the window open, and the scope needs to cool for 30min or so, ive converted my second floor box bedroom in to obsyroom ,took all the heating out so it mosty stays near the temp outside, i have a illness called Lupus which don't let me go out in any sunlight, but better the devil you know i watch the thing whats trying to kill me :happy11: charl.

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