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Planetary nebula NGC 2438


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NGC 2438 is a planetary nebula about 3,000 light years away in the constellation Puppis. It is probably the remains of the death of the red giant in its center. This is HaRGB data I processed from the 2 m RC Liverpool Telescope at the top of Las Palma.

This image shows more detail than most images I have seen but the rather few and short exposures available (only 2 x 120 s Ha and totally 46 min) did not allow me to bring out the outer Ha shell of the nebula. I expect that we amateurs with smaller scopes but more time on our hand (sky permitting) could excel in that case.

Filters and data:
Bessell B 9 x 90 s (blue channel)
Bessell V 10 x 90 s (green channel)
sdss-r 10 x 90 s (red channel)
Ha 2 x 120 s (added proportionally to the red channel)

Comments most welcome



LT NGC2438 RGB PS11sign.jpg

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