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Target for Ha

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Hoping to try out my camera tonight as its the only chance I will get, really want to try narrow band so with that in mind what would be a suitable target? as I understand I think narrow band is more suited for nebulae , I will be facing NE to SE so any ideas what i could go for?

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Like you, I am beginning to get serious of NB and am looking forward to the upcoming season. 

I bought this book "The Astrohotography Sky Atlas". It's a great book designed to list the best targets to image depending on the time of the year. It goes much further than this also.

So it is great for listing EN, the best ones and the best time to image them.


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I ended up just taking everthing outside and using the tripod pointed at North didnt polar align or anything, then using cdc I slewed o the moon ( i was off a fair way but centered it with eqmod and synced) I done a rough focus  and the moon looked ok with that varilock so i went for it slewed East and started running SGpro. this is where I lost myself to be honest. I took LRGB and Ha but had no idea of exposure times so went for 30 secs and 60 secs in HA. they finished about 1 in the morning  so with more confidence I ran it again on another target, then fell asleep lol woke i n the morning to find the sequence was aborted no idea why. I think I a at the point where I have more questions than answers for example, lets say I take LRGB all 30 secs long and LUM as 60 secs long when it comes to calibrating then in pixinsight do I load both 60 sec and 30 sec darks in the same box? or do i have to load everything as 30 secs then do another with 60 secs?. The m,ain thing is I had something and considering i wernt polar aligned or  focused tidy im happy as when i finish the obsy and its all set up it will be easier just to concentrate on imaging. heres a photo of something lol


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