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Messier 13 all files captured on the 4th and 5th may 2017

 30 second exposures total of 70 exposures 

 25 L
 15 R
 15 G
 15 B
all at binn 1
atik 383l+M Baader 36mm unmounted lrgb filters SW 200pds SW azeq6

the image is uncropped and at native res 3354x2529


the usual LP problems and that wont change unless they remove the lamp post from the side of my garden.

Messier-13--70x30 sec exposures-jpeg.jpg

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On 5/11/2017 at 03:14, Galen Gilmore said:

Nice image! Do you think a beginner like me could get similar results once I get my EQ mount and an imaging scope? 

thank you

no reason why not put it this way if i can anyone can

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