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Callisto 1.5.17,  22.59. Cropped from a 480x480 AVI of Jupiter and processed on its own as an AVI, this way means it will be stacked on the moon and not the planet= no trail . I used Vdub to crop the AVI and enlarge then put it though PIPP to center, AS!2 to stack and Registax for sharpening & wavelets. 10" dob x3 barlow, asi 120 mcs camera hand tracked.



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wrong format, added camera i used
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    • By MarsG76
      Jupiter with two of its moons, Ganymede and Callisto, imaged with a Skyris 618C CCD through a 8" SCT at f33.
    • By MarsG76
      Just sharing my latest Jupiter image.... Jupiter with two of its moons, Ganymede and Callisto, imaged with a Skyris 618C CCD through a 8" SCT at f33.
      Jupiter imaged taken on 17 July 2020 @ 15:56UTC.

    • By mikeyscope
      This planetary grouping from 20th March around 5.30am shows Saturn to the left with conjunction of Jupiter above & Mars below, sharp eyed may also see...  Io, Ganymede & Callisto in a string just right of Jupiter.
      Image taken from Lesmahagow, South Lanarkshire looking toward the SE.
      Pentax K1 / Pentax 67  165mm lens / Exp. 2 secs @f8 / iso 200
      Ioptron tracker at siderial.

    • By Jonathan Rees
      iPhone picture taken April 15th from central Illinois, USA. 
      Not bad, all things considered. A few days later, I acquired a Celestron Solar Sustem Imager camera.

    • By A budding astronomer
      Last night was a beautiful night to image Jupiter and it's moons. After I took low exposures to get more detail on Jupiter (1/625 seconds) I bumped it up to 1/10 seconds to get the moons.
      I took the images with a Celestron 114 LCM 4.5" reflector and a Neximage Burst as the camera.
      The image is 2000 frames and was stacked and processed with Registax 6.1.
      Thank you and clear skies!

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