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My new astronomy YouTube channel!

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Hello everyone! I would like to announce my new YouTube channel to SGL. My new channel "SiriusAstronomy"  covers everything astronomy! From stargazing, spacecraft, imaging tips and tricks, equipment tips and Q and A's you can find it all here!

I have uploaded one video so far if you want to check it out the link is down below! :)

Clear skies,



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? I use goto mounts,, 

But as I said the more folk that makes videos on astronomy can only be a good thing, this video would probably get more interest in a beginner section of a forum,, reason I say this is because video astronomers have most likely been in to some form of astronomy before doing video astronomy, visual and or astrophotography .

If you look at previous posts, a lot of the video or eaa astronomers do deep sky, may be a video on how to easily find deep sky objects ,, eg dumbbell nebula a , m81 /m82 wound be of interest to new video astronomers..

The moon is also a very good subject to do detailed videos on, hope these suggestions help in your next video project.

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    • By Corpze
      Hi, i just wanna mention that i have started a youtube channel a couple of months ago.
      My main focus is to explain how all gear works, collimation, all kind of software that I use etc.
      Feel free to take a look and i am more than eager to listen to what i can do better to improve my videos, and also tips on what to cover in the upcoming videos
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      We are hoping to observe the transit in school (Don’t panic - we have done several transits and partial eclipses in the past so we are fine on the safety aspects - thanks). However does anyone know how I can get hold of some links to use in advance of the day that we can use to put some professional feeds up on the large screen tellies we have linked up to the computer systems these days – I am told that links on YouTube are the easiest to handle on the slightly clunky system we have to control them.
      My question comes from reminiscing with colleges that my daughter and I had stayed up to watch first contact of the last transit of Venus live from Hawaii before swapping to Mt Wilson. (We were also up before dawn on top of the local hill fort as the sun rose having lugged an old 4” reflector up there.) Of course at the time we were just browsing through the internet not taking good note of sites we were on.
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      Forrest Tanaka, one who I'm subscribed to on Youtube, just started a new series on astrophotography. Part 1 is out so far.
      I just felt like sharing it, as it's in good quality, packed with information (especially for beginners).
      I enjoy listening to him cause he seems to be well informed about equipment and photography, and how things work in general. He's got mostly photography videos, but also has an interest in astronomy.
      Keep in mind, I'm a beginner myself, so it might be that everything he says isn't 100% spot on. I can't really tell in that case. Good information non the less.
      Anyways, here's the link for those who are interested in having a look.

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