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I've just bought a Starlight Xpress Ultrastar colour from a fellow amateur astronomer, which arrived today. When a I got home after work I loaded the CD and followed instructions, but when everything was correctly installed (or it seems like it is) and open the Ultrastar C imaging program and click on Main Camera Control the message, "USBSXV10 (I think it's 10, but could it be l0?) device not found" appears. When I click OK the message, "Sorry, No camera found on USB" appears. It's the mini USB plug at the back of my laptop not a normal USB 2.0 plug. I'm a bit stuck now as Starlight xpress probably won't be open until Monday morning. Another thing is the little LED bulb supposed to light up green? Because it doesn't. Could it be a problem with the cable or service mething equally mundane? Could I have done something daft during the setup or installation process that could have buggered it up? I've uninstalled and reinstalled the program and drivers, but no luck.

Can anyone who has had the same, or a similar problem help me please?

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Frustrating when this sort of thing happens.

I have not got an Ultrastar but I do have Lodestars which I assume connect in much the same fashion.

I expect the driver and other software on the CD will be fine but I didn't use the CD. I downloaded everything from the Starlight Xpress site


You might want to check you have the latest versions.

Does your computer make the appropriate noises when you connect the cable with the camera attached?

Is your USB port working OK with other devices (e.g. memory stick or camera)?

Can you see the Ultrastar or indeed the USB port in Device Manager? My Lodestar show up as Starlight Xpress CCD under Universal Serial Bus Devices (when I click the twisty to see what devices there are).

I think the little LED on the back of the Ultrastar should be glowing green like my Lodestars do.

Finally, assuming things still don't work, if you post a question on the Yahoo Starlight Xpress group Terry often replies quite quickly.

Fingers crossed etc.


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The Ultrastar's LED should glow green when it's powered.  If it's not, then the camera isn't getting power and you won't see it in your device list.  It's suspect you have a bad USB cable.   The connection is a standard mini-USB (not micro).  I'd try another cable if you have one, or if you have a device that uses the same connector (e.g. an older phone might), try connecting that with your cable to see if it gets power.

Also, if you're connecting through a hub, try connecting it directly to the computer to see if the light turns on.


For drivers, I always use the latest drivers from a website.  You never know how old the drivers on a CD are.  They may be current but the website is always the latest.

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Worked out that the problem was that I had opened the Ultrastar program which is for guiding. Once I opened Dtarlight Live it recognised the camera. Such are the experiences of complete newbies!

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