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Does anyone maintain a single calendar-list of all star parties?

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Rather than having to check through each individual posting about upcoming star parties, it would be useful if there was a comprehensive calendar of future Star Parties (maybe including one-off astronomy festivals). 

Does anyone know if anyone maintains such a thing? 


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Are you volunteering? :icon_biggrin:    It really is easy to check here on SGL, I think it would require a lot of time and effort to maintain an accurate list. Astronomy Now have a list each month ,but it will cost you,SGL  free.



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I do not think there is such a specific list. Mainly as it would in a sensible approach really require the clubs to inform the person, it is not realistic for a person to check the website of each club http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Counties.aspx (will leave you to add up the numbers up). Also although you may see a star party mentioned on a website, does that club want say you with no affiliation to the clubs advertising it for them.

I suppose that many are club members only also. And might but just might be open to a "visiting" astronomer with a scope by prior arrangement, but they may not want a person who has to question which end of a scope they look through. Spend 2 hours (easy) with a person showing them how to set up, use and observe anythhing means you do nothing. Which was not the intention of someone attending the star party. Sure that some clubs would like to restrict which full members could attend also, never mind non-members.

Unfortunately if somewhere like SGL had a calander I doubt that all clubs, even the majority, would maintain a calander. Actually there may well be a calander available for people to put entries into. It would slowly die out. You are sort of "stuck" with checking yourself on clubs within reach of you and clubs that organise and run a star party that interests you that may be a bit further away. Doubt one in Devon would interest you but one in Keilder might, how about Scarborough area.

Think you will need a list for yourself, there are 6 clubs indicated as Cheshire and you have the counties boardering your area. So guessing 10 around you.

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