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Walking on the Moon

National Space Center - Dissapointing


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I had to fly out to Hannover just over a week ago and thought that rather than waste my Sunday I would detour to Birmingham International and drop in to see the NSC.

After all the hype it has had and the links they have made with Helen Sharman & Tim Peake for an adult visitor it is a very disappointing experience. £14 + £3 for parking kicks off the day and when you get inside it is a disorganised set of displays that look tired and if you are 7+ might not hold your interest.

The Planetarium Show I saw was so good I fell asleep in the comfortable seat......

I think the best bit was the full length version of the first science fiction movie the 1902 French version of 'Journey to the Moon'

What struck me about that was that the first reaction of the Lunar Pioneers was to attack and kill the Selenite's....so even back then aliens were considered bad.......

If you do go make sure that you visit the Abbey Pump Museum next door. Superbly preserved beam engine in the first sewage pumping works in Leicester with a great social history museum...finest collection of Mr Crappers finest porcelain too. Free entry.

So Sewage Works 10/10 NSC -10

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I went a couple of years ago. I enjoyed it. :)

I agree the entry price is a bit steep  but what you fail to mention is that the entry price gets you a ticket that last the whole year! So, somewhere to go visit on rainy days ...take the kids etc. Effectively for free after the initial outlay. No real benefit to foreigners on a day trip out but good for the locals.

Having said this, yes, I agree, its not as big as I expected. It could do with a face lift. But all places will eventually need a facelift.

The auditorium does have several different shows, so I suppose its what floats your boat. Bearing in mind, its for families and they have to keep the stories simpler than college grade to keep the youngsters interested.


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That's real grand name to live up to!

Is it just me? But, the "free for a year" is a cynical ploy to rip off tourists?

Family days out are getting savagely expensive. There will be a significant proportion of children who's working parents just can't afford a trip to the zoo. Very sad.



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Maybe it's gone downhill a bit since we visited a few years ago ?

I really enjoyed it back then.

One place that was a dissapointment was the museum at Jodrell Bank. Again this was a few years back but after the magnificent radio telescope, the museum was a rather tired couple of temporary classrooms :undecided:

Perhaps that one has improved since then ?

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Interesting how different people have different reactions to things. Whilst I wasn't blown away by it, I recall that I had a fun time there with my two children when they were quite a bit younger.

The most impressive exhibits for me were the rockets as you go into the entrance, proper rockets they were too.

From memory I found the included planetarium show a bit disappointing, more about fantasy space travel than factual 'what is up there.' I think I could not justify the price of another show at the time.

So, I found it worthwhile, but I was in the area so perhaps it is not worth a long trip or detour.

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1 hour ago, John said:

Perhaps it reflects the UK's spend on space research ?


Maybe John. What would make it far more dynamic and relevant to the U.K. would be some exhibits from the very vibrant micro satellite business which I believe there is over here.

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It's a smashing place for kids - I've seen plenty of young groups in there having a blast of a time. For adults it's worth a one off visit but there's not enough going on or changing to make you want to go back soon for a second visit (making the 1yr season ticket a bit of a con).

It is a tad expensive - a tenner would be more than enough - and the gift shop prices are just daft. Just my opinion but it's not very dynamic as a national attraction, and it's definitely geared up for "once only" money making with minimal interest/effort to keep it current and attractive for repeat business. Shame really considering what it could be.....

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