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It's too bright in Norway for normal Deep Sky imaging now, but i gave the core of M13 a go last night with only 1 sec exposures. Joining the challenge and crossing my fingers that can hopefully finally afford a proper camera! :)

Captured with the QHY Polemaster without any filter on the Explorer 200.
A total of 3279x 1 sec exposures at gain 100 were captured with Sharpcap, stacked in AS!3, and processed in PS.

Total exposure is only 33 sec for the brighter core, and 5 min 28 sec for the less brighter areas and background.


M13 L.jpg

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Thanks guys!

At first to me it looked like a rather faint and not-so-great image of M13 - but after careful comparison to several other M13 images, it looks like it's actually quite high resolution, but contains only the very brightest part of the core, and so i must say I'm quite please with it. :)



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