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A very early Narrowband Elephant Trunk Nebula

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Having waited patiently for the first sign of a nebula being visible from my back garden and coupled with the fact that I have recently acquired an Ha filter. I decided last week was the first real opportunity to attempt imaging my first narrowband image.
Now I know this is way too early to be imaging Nebula so this was simply a test to get to grips with focusing, post processing NB images and other technical gremlins.

Happy with the outcome even though it is woefully short on exposures meaning it’s a bit noisy.
The 3nm Chroma Ha filter seems to be performing well especially as the Elephant Trunk nebula is at a painfully low elevation of 26 degrees and pointing straight through the light dome created by London.
It has however at least given me confidence that when the Nebulas come back in a few months’ time I should be able to have a good crack at them from my location.

5 x 600 Secs

Flats, Darks and BIAS

Processed in PixInsight

Elephant Trunk Nebula April 2017 Ha.jpg

Edited by Droogie 2001
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Good start, I've got a similar setup and also been waiting for for a suitable target to hove into view, at least I'm on the east side of London so light pollution is behind me :grin:


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Thanks all. I will be aiming for longer exposures going forward but as it was a test and ran I out of time 10mins subs was most appropriate. 

I suspect NB will be my main filter choice for the foreseeable future. The LP in my area has made Broadband imaging tricky. Need to start saving for the SII and OIII Choma filters...?

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