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ok so i had my flat panel which was too bright so bought a sheet of nd grad  and put that on the panel (needed 3 sheets to get to 4 sec flats which im happy with). Now I park the scope to flat (vertical) rest the panel on top and bingo! or so I thought. I have noticed that the nd grad easily marks and i get rings from where it rests on the scope and slight scratches so i was thinking of a way around it. I had some 2" thick polystyrene and it was 8x8 square so i marked out the circumference with the lens cover and cut a hole out then using the nd grad I glued it on to the polystyrene. Now all i need to do to take flats is slip it on the  end of the scope like a lens cover and leave the light panel on the wall and just slew the scope to it. I have made it but havnt tried it out yet, but theres no reason why it wont work is there?

OK yes im bored im waiting for my new camera to arrive, I am taking my old obsy down and building a new one  and working everything out over and over and over

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2 hours ago, brrttpaul said:

 It will fit over the scope just like a lens cap just the end will be made of ND grad not black plastic,  Im optimistic lol

Even better.  I may even steal your idea and make a "flats end cap" myself.

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