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Astro targets - bucket list?


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I'm sure we all have some targets that are top of our "must see" list.  For a novice like myself, I've still got a ton of things to view that most on here will have seen before - Saturn is probably my number one target right now for obvious reasons, yet it's something that the vast majority of users will probably be well accustomed to. 

Other than those magnificent rings, the Horsehead and the Pillars of Creation make up the rest of my top 3.

What's yours?

Edited to add:  visual only :-)

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The Magellanic Clouds. Yes, they are on my list, so if i ever get the chance to see the Southern Lights, the Magellanic clouds would be a main target also.

I think my next holiday will be the the "holiday of a lifetime". 2018 should be the date. It will be to Oz. Always wanted to go and it will probably be a month long holiday.


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I'm also just starting out. Saturn, Andromeda and the Veil nebula are top of the list. The owl nebula is my next planned target 

My first look at Jupiter and it's moons and then M42 have been my biggest inspirations to date :)

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