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sh2-155 (Cave Nebula) HaSHO


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I know...I know...I have posted this image before.  But I was never satisfied with the results (despite my myriad attempts).  Finally, I am beginning to see some depth in the background.  Previously, I was more satisfied with the core than the surrounding area.  That has reversed itself in this image.  The surrounding background is better, IMO, in this image.  Not crazy about the palette--but that's the SHO pallet for you.  I have uploaded 2 versions because I cannot tell which I like better.  One's a bit brighter than the other (only the clouds--other areas are identical).  For a change--I was able to get this image to stand up quite well to full resolution mode viewing. previously, the background was noise soup!

TVnp101is with.08x reducer, SBIG STT 8300m with Astrodon 3nm filters, 30 min subs.  About 25 hours of data.




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27 minutes ago, simmo39 said:

Wow, nice image that.

Thanks simmo39.  I am looking forward to shooing this in LRGB (maybe with some Ha thrown in as it is so prominent and rich with structure).


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21 minutes ago, gorann said:

That is an amazing image Rodd, you excel in NB!

I think I prefer the brighter one.

Thanks Goran.  I waffle between the 2.  I think it depebds on which screen I view it on.

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15 minutes ago, ollypenrice said:

Good! There is plenty of reflection in this area, too, so adding broadband should be exciting.


Thanks Olly--it was a long and tortuous road.  Looking forward to it.


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