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CG3 Mount question

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Hi, I've just bought a Celestron 90mm Frac. It's the first time I've used a GEQ Mount.

Having set it all up, I have noticed metal filings gathering in the accessory tray under the tripod. The metal fragments are coming from Slow Motion Declination gear. It feels quite rough when turning the Dec knob.

The shop I bought this from stated it is fairly normal for this to happen given its entry level equipment and not machined as well as you would expected.

My initial thoughts are it's probably faulty, if anyone can confirm one way or the other it would be appreciated.



Ali C

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It might be faulty. Don't try to rotate the mount on its DEC axis by using the slo-mo cable. The DEC axis slo-mo on the CG3/EQ2 mount was designed for small adjustments only, about 15 degrees I think. If you need to slew the mount on its DEC axis by larger amounts you should release the axis clutch and slew the mount manually, retightening the clutch and fine tuning using the slo-mo cable.

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You have two choices: return it, or take it apart and clean it out and reassemble it.  I would also clean the factory grease out and replace it with Super Lube...


If it was me, I'd return it.

If you can't return it, it's not that difficult to take apart.  It was put together at the factory, and can be taken back apart.  You just need to go about it slowly and carefully, and take photos as you go along which will help in reassembling.  

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To be honest, I have only function tested the clutches and slow mo cables but noticed the fragments straight away.

on closer inspection, the threaded rod the slow mo cable attaches to seems a bit bent. It certainly does not rotate on the same spot and is grinding and off the finished surface. 

Just wondering if the rough action is normal?



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