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Hi from Gloucestershire, UK

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Well, as a short time member of SGL who has already purchased something from the 'for sale'  I thought I'd say hello. 

I caught the bug when my wife bought me a second-hand SW Evostar 90 a year ago to 'see the moon better, because you're always looking up at the night sky' ☺. That's because I'm a Scout Leader and was trying  to learn more than just The Plough to teach the young people. 

I have properly caught the bug, and have also started basic imaging. I managed one really good photo of the Orion Nebula which really surprised me given the limitations of my kit. 

(I've also managed to get quite a few scouting activities out the hobby too (although I mainly lead 6-7 year-olds so it isn't that in-depth ? ). 

My back-garden viewing conditions are truly awful, due to a street light and neighbour's security 'searchlight' but I'm working on both of those. In the mean time I often decamp to darker locations, but it does mean all my kit has to be easily portable. 

I will be scouring the forums for information and advice from you all and hope that one day I'll actually be able to see M101, rather than just work out from the star patterns I see in my 10mm ep that the black spot I'm looking at is where it must be!



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