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Walking on the Moon

Skywatcher 150/750 reflector

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Mine (150PDS) has a tube length of approx. 700mm including primary mirror locking screws and the dust cap.

Tube outer diameter is approx 185mm (measured to the edge of the white trim around the opening).


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Depends on the mount that it is supplied, or used, with, EQ2, EQ3-2, EQ5, HEQ5. And also how much you extend the legs. Is the scope vertical or horizontal.

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This is my 150mm f/5, and on a Celestron CG-4(EQ-3)...


The telescope is made by the same company that makes the 150P and 150P-DS, and should be the same length as the 150P.

The EQ3-type mount there has been modified with a short pier, and where I chopped off the main legs, but it's still at about same height as one that comes from the factory, but I haven't extended the legs on it yet.

With a Newtonian in any event, you'll want the legs retracted to their shortest setting, and so to more easily reach the eyepiece whilst observing.  

Rotating the Newtonian within its tube-rings during the mount's revolutions should also help with that.

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