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HEQ5 balance - scope too light


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Last night I put my 90mm mak on the HEQ5 - plenty of mount thought I. However, I then realised that the weights I have are too heavy, even a single one close up to the mount.

So I'm going to try other things (dumbbell weights etc) while I look for a proper counterweight to suit.

I need to find out how much counterweight to add, so does anyone know if the HEQ5 is of itself balanced? I.e. can I simply weigh the scope and select a matching weight in counterweights?


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Well, it turns out that the HEQ5 RA axis is slightly scope-end-heavy, i.e. with nothing on the puck. The dec axis is a bit stiffer and doesn't spin in any particular direction (as expected really).

I put on a couple of 1kg dumbell weights and they worked, but the hole in the middle is a tad too large. A bit of pipe insulation sorted that, temporarily.

Good shout re. hose clamp - am sure I have a couple somewhere. Will keep me going in the meantime at least.

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