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Sol 22-4 ha new cam tests


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I got a new cam a FLIR Chamleon 3 smaller pixels and USB3

I have got to watch the noise a bit more and get the tilt sorted to get rid of the NR's but so far happy with the results





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Just now, Ibbo! said:

I am thinking so yes.

My (admittedly limited) understanding is that you want smaller pixels with shorter focal lengths. The 5+ micron pixels in my QHY are really better suited to focal lengths around the 2.5m focal length mark, which is fine when I'm using a barlow but not great when working at native 1000mm of my Evostar 120.

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15 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

Nice set Steve, is that a FD in one with the LS60 ?

I'm still looking around for a new camera for mine as the Skyris 274 is limited to 20fps despite being USB3.


yes it is but only just N/S,means the polar alignment needs to be much better, I have more room with the Blackfly.

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I love that 'floating' plasma cloud prom.  Looks like it is casting a shadow on the solar surface.... errr  which is   err....not likely....

Do you use Firecapture with the new cam  or Sharpcap ?     I have a PG Flea Mono, bought it second hand and it is working great. Can just get a full solar disk in with the PST.

Clear' ish  here today. So I'm binning the domestic duties and am off down the garden !!



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