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Well not a good image lol but at least you can see what i have just collected from Bern , the Skywatcher HEQ6 PRO Skyscan, i must admit i was taken back by the quality of this bit of kit , assembled easy pizzy, and ran through the Skyscan indoors. i know i,m a bit deaf , but heck i could hardly hear the motors , smooth as silk , Bern kindly gave it a test for me , and found the go to was spot on , and i think he was well impressed as well, being with Celestron for many years , has kinda kept me in the dark over other equipment , but i must say and nothing against Celestron , the skyscan looks and acts as good , but the prove of course will be in the imaging , and at the moment is a little ways away , i found it not overweight for me but difficult in moving it around to my patio, so it does look like finding a way of perm fixing and a cover or even another observatory for this , i do have a pier as well , so in a month or so it will be ideal for buliding something, but for now it will be imaging with the celestron and maybe learning a bit about this new thing called polar aligning :lol:seems strange me saying that after ALT-AZ for so many years , anyway that just a quick review , the main one will be once i,m up and running ,




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Hello Rog

A mate of mine had his EQ6 out and running for the first time last night and Your right it is as quiet as a quiet thing. The GO-TO's were very good and the tracking astounding. 3 minutes unguided on the Orion Nebula and the image looked quite sharp. Good luck and Good imaging with Your New Toy. :wav:


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