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Walking on the Moon

"Where the Universe came from"


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Published 9th of March 2017, so bang up to date. Includes the search , impact and recording of gravity waves. How often do you pick up a book and after a few years , it’s out of date on the quickly advancing field of cosmology ?

Very clear and readable, there are loads that you can fathom. It does a very good job of summarising and tying together what the historical and current thinking is. Explains special and general relativity in a very clear way . Working from this , it goes on to tying the very small to the cosmic. The future discoveries look very exciting, we might be moving towards the theory of everything .Recommended for those cloudy nights ! Nick.IMG_4769.jpg

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"The future discoveries look very exciting".

If future discoveries have not been discovered yet, how do we know they look exciting?.

There's a temporal paradox somewhere in that statement.


Could be an interesting read. I'll look out for it.

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