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Costas Soler

Desperate Need for Registax Help!!!

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I've finally been given access to my school's 17 inch telescope, which is a great tool for astrophotography. On Friday, I took about 20 minutes of video (total) from Jupiter, and I was hoping to stack this data in Registax. Unfortunately, when I try to select a 3 minute avi clip of the video, Registax simply stops working! This is agonizing, because I have really good data!! Forgive me though, I'm sure I'm making a newbie mistake, since I've really only done deep sky astrophotography using Deep Sky Stacker.

I'm running Registax on Windows 10, and using a Nikon D3200 to shoot video at ISO 200 at 1/30 sec exposures. I then convert the MOV files into AVI's.

I've included examples of some decent frames I captured.

ANY help is appreciated!!! Thanks!!


Screenshot 2017-04-16 19.48.34.png

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You'll get better results if you download a program called PIPP and another program called auto stakkert 2.

You'll have to run your avi through PIPP which will center and crop each frame of your avi which makes for easier stacking. After this use auto stakkert 2 to stack your avi and save as a tiff file. Then open registax and open your stacked tiff file. 

You shouldn't have a problem with registax doing it this way as it will have less to do.

I hope this helps. 

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Thanks so much! I used autostakkert 2 and pipp, and here is the result for my first attempt at imaging Jupiter!

Thanks a lot!


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In registax  , on the wavelets page  where you sharpen the final image with the sliders on the right hand side you will see a box RGB align , click on that and it will align the colour channels this will help your image ?

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Here's my processing workflow, copied from another post.

1. Load your avi into PIPP and select the planetary option, reorder the avi in quality order and do not discard any frames. Debayer if using RAW.

2. Load PIPP avi into Autostakkert and analyse. The best way to choose how may frames to stack is to run through the avi and see where the frame quality starts to degrade severely. In Autostakkert you can choose to both stack a number of frames and a percentage, so you can choose to stack say 300 and 80% and experiment with both images.

3. Open stacked image in Registax. Use auto colour correct. Autostakkert can RGB align while stacking, so no need for that in Registax. With the wavelets I only use the top three sliders, usually just the top one. I'm usually very aggressive with the top slider and max it out, then use the denoise and sharpen tabs in the top slider in increments to make adjustments.

4. Open the image in whatever image processing you use (I use gimp) and do your levels, curves, saturation, noise reduction, unsharp masking etc.

Remember that when capturing you can push the histogram very high with Jupiter. I usually have it between 70-80%, if possible.


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