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After a few months waiting for this astro jewel piece of equipment the Mesu 200 arrived a few weeks ago. From then on I designed the new adhoc designed pier.


I haven't started calibratring everything yet. The following days I will do so.


Right now very excited with the new setup!






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Thanks so much to you all. I am really excited with the new gear. The Mesu is superb!

Right now everything calibrated and taking some images on the Ursa Majoris area for a first light... galaxy season. I'll have to wait for the nebula's a little bit ;) 

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On 19/4/2017 at 06:39, Alien_Photons said:

I want to be where you are. I see tennis courts, football pitches, ever green trees, rolling hills and a Tak FSQ on a MESU with blue skies.

Does it get any better?

It's a paradise, not only for astronomy. You missed the swiming pool just behind the football pitch. It's a place full of nature everywhere, nice weather and the best food and wines of Catalonia available near home (Priorat wines region). During the summertime you can see the Barcelona football team juniors training in this football pitch. They train here for a week every year for obvius reasons ;) and also for the altitude (1000m above sea level).

Clear skies wherever you are!!

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    • By Neil27
      Good evening everyone.
      I am seriously considering purchasing a Mesu mount for my ROR observatory. This will be a set up and forget mount as many of you have alluded too. I have spent quite a substantial amount of time pondering over in my mind the many telescope combinations and what I enjoy looking at and would like to photograph on the astronomy tools website.
      So with the mount, I would pair an esprit 120 with a suitable wide field scope of around the 60 to 70 range and around 350 to 450mm focal length. The sharpstar 61 seems to fit the bill and with the option to fit a reducer, the scope can go even wider. The esprit is a well loved instrument but the Sharpstar scopes are fairly new so I would welcome any feedback from new owners.
      The Mesu, what can I say? From pouring over various owners posts and threads these past 12 months and seeing the impact on ‘relatively’ trouble free use, it is undeniably worthy of consideration. My only concern is the sitech control system and the numerous ‘niggles’ users have encountered over the years on this forum. Another consideration is the Gemini EFric but for the price and a little bit more money, the Mesu makes a very good case for itself. Do I need 50kg carrying capacity, probably not. Possibly like the majority of current owners. And lastly the Ogem (now the Trident), it’s difficult birth and delays on production and delivery have made me a little wary to be fair. 

      The final piece of the jigsaw is the camera. Not too sure but the one shot colours are preferred  due to time and the different objects I want to view / image. Thinking along the lines of the Atik Horizon II. 

      The star of the show though is clearly the mount in the equipment list. Just been speaking to Bernard at MA and he has one left in stock (pre Brexit stock) and I am sorely tempted. I don’t have the funds at the moment I’m about 2 months away from having the money, do I - get a low rate loan and pay it off when the money arrives or pass it up and wait until the money is here and the mount is likely sold and wait for the next one (post Brexit). Not sure 🤔 
      Update - deposit now paid!
      As always your thoughts are welcome.
    • By ZS1RA
      After what felt like a decade my Mesu e200 was finally delivered. It is such a beautiful piece of machinery, no frills just pure functionality.
      I had the counter weights manufactured locally and completed the mechanical assembly, pretty straight forward. Thanks to @Jonk, https://stargazerslounge.com/profile/37161-jonk/ for providing me with the dimensions for a 16,5kg counterweight in stainless steel. I downloaded and installed SciTech.exe plus the other bits of software to make it work. The only thing I’m still uncertain about is Carte du Ciel. I’m used to Stallerium for my Skywatcher and Celestron PWI, which I love. I guess I’ll just have to get used to CDC.
      I need some assistance and would appreciate help. My mount is not going to have the luxury of a permanent pier, I have to move it off the balcony every time I’ve finished my session. I have a very limited view of the South (I’m in South Africa) and no view of the SCP. Despite this I can polar align to a high degree of accuracy with the Synscan routine embedded in the SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro hand controller. Having had a cursory glance at the help menu in the SciTech Polar Alignment tab and it appears that I will need to have a view of the Celestial Pole. Does anyone have advice please? 
      Thanks Shaun

    • By Astroscot2
      For sale,   Mesu 200 heavy duty portable pier £220 hardy used, 50% off new price.  Could be  adapted to fit other EQ mounts.
      Buyer collects due to size and weight.  Glasgow area.

    • By MakeItSo
      Hi Folks, 
      Thanks for reading. 
      I am upgrading my mount for my observatory. I will be doing AP primarily but to be honest,  I also enjoy some visual.  I need about 30-40kg capacity. I had my heart set on the ridiculously expensive 10 Micron 2000 (coming in a about 12k when you figure all the extras needed). Something seemed wrong about that price....!
      I now have an opportunity to get a Mesu 200 Mark II. The mounts engineering looks unquestionable and I have yet to hear anything bad said about these mounts. The price is also very attractive compared to the 10 Micron. My issue is the control. I’m going to be honest - the controller looks rudimentary (and with no screen, controlling from the computer for visual may be annoying). I have no knowledge of Sidereal technology at all. I am very close to purchasing this mount but I would like some feedback on user experience regarding the software and control of the mount. I note the new version will have the Scitech I controller but I thought (perhaps incorrectly that the older version has the II controller). I am not sure if this is significant or not. 
      Opinions and feedback greatly appreciated. 
    • By Astroscot2
      For sale,   Mesu 200 heavy duty portable pier £220 hardy used, 50% off new price.  Easily adapted to fit other EQ mounts.
      Buyer collects due to size and weight.  Glasgow area.

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