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East of Mare Crisium.


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This was a photo that pleased me. I had never realized how beautiful these mountains are from the eastern edge of the Mare Crisium with the sun at a low angle.
I did a serious search on the LAC maps but I could only safely identify the 3 mountains that are indicated in the photo.
More information about Mons Usov.
Mons Usov is a small lunar mountain that is located in the south-eastern part of the Mare Crisium, north of the Firmicus crater, west of the Condorcet crater, and northwest of the Agarum Promontory. It is essentially a part of the mountainous edge of the Crisium basin but seems somewhat isolated because of the flooding of the basin by the basalt of the mare.
It was formally named in 1979, after Soviet geologist Mikhail Antonovich Usov.
My friend Chuck Wood comments in an article from 2013 in LPOD, this is the Russian corner of the Moon because there have already landed two Luna.

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3 hours ago, astroavani said:

If you have the colleague link Michael, I'd like to read!

The observations pre-date the internet by a long way! They were originally in the Lunar Section circular, probably late '70s, though I'm sure I've read comments on it since.

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I love the way you have controlled the bright rims and areas of over-expsoure.  That is one of my banes.  The C14Edge is the scope for lunar I guess--and the 224 camera is a nice match. 

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