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Trouble with Firecapture & QHY5LIIc

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After returning to imaging after a long break I have been having a problem using Firecapture with my QHY5LIIc camera. The captures keep coming out with a 'hatch' pattern over them like you are looking through a cloth.

The below image is a crop of a Luna image which has been enlarged 400x to clearly show the pattern although it is clear enough on the original image I wasn't sure how it would appear after uploading.




Does anyone know what causes this artefact and how I can stop it from happening in the future?

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What you are seeing is the camera's bayer matrix. Process the capture file through PIPP to de-bayer the file before stacking should solve the problem.

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PeterCPC: I used EZPlanetary too and there wasn't the problem with that. I just thought that Firecapture looked like it had more to offer.

Peter: I thought it might be the Bayer matrix but it doesn't happen all the time. I change one of the settings (can't remember which one off hand) and the matrix appears. That doesn't seem right!

I've also been trying to use Astrophotography Tool but I can't get the image dark enough. I have set the exposure to 'bulb' and the length to 0.00001 of a second but objects like Jupiter are still burnt out.

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You should be able to get good results with EZ Planetary but I would give Sharpcap a go as well.


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