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Endymion Atlas Hercules and surroundings


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4 hours ago, johnfosteruk said:

 & colour. Again, not the sharpest but there's some detail there.

Very interesting what you are doing with bringing out colour, who'dav'thunkit !

enough detail to keep me happy for a while under a cloudy sky, thanks,  I think I am beginning to get the hang of this cartography lark, so I have taken a liberty with your image, hope you dont mind :   their surroundings  :-



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36 minutes ago, johnfosteruk said:

Don't mind at all. Good work ?

I might set a few cloudy evenings aside to do some more cartography myself soon

I am trying to resist the temptation to say "looking forward to it" but that might suggest I was wishing cloudy nights upon you :( ! so I wont :)

Anyway, thanks for the practice and I am forming a plan : when visual at the 'scope it is lots of time out trying to compare charts ( as we have commented previously) with view/illumination, so I need to look ahead at what phase is due, look at imager's previous posts, select some interesting region and "Be Prepared" even if no two illuminations are quite the same ,, gotta be better than a flat chart ? !

That was interesting in another way Kirchhoff and Oersted were the bane of my student days ! Kirchhoff and his Laws wasnt too bad, but that magnetism stuff was nuts :)


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On 14/04/2017 at 23:50, SilverAstro said:

so I need to look ahead at what phase is due, look at imager's previous posts

I've started sorting these annotated jobbies into folders by age and plan to refer to them before visual, along with the various maps, VMA, books/guides etc.

With all this annotating and planning I should think I'll actually have very little time for any prolonged visual though! Which is fine, given all the :clouds1:

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