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First real test image with the Esprit


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After a bit of a false start, I finally got a real first-light test image on 7th April, with my new Esprit :D - the false start was one of those annoying 1D 10 T  errors!!!

Anyway, 21 subs managed before the clouds stopped playtime. I think I need to re-shoot the calibration library - so as the clouds look like they're here for a few days, seems like an opportune time! And of course, I need to re-read Warren's Inside PI book. Again!

  • T: Skywatcher Esprit ED100
  • M: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6
  • C: AtikOne 6.0
  • G: Atik GP, 2 seconds
  • E: 21 x 600s
  • S: Acquisition in SGPro, Guiding in PHD2, Processing in PI




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That's a result, Daz, especially for a first light - You've gotta be really pleased with that... I know I would be :)

(I bet your false start wasn't as basic as the the one you spotted me making all those years ago... )

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