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It's not often I do afocal on planetary. This was purely a test with two of the cheapest items you could buy from Ebay, an unbranded Moon and Sky Glow filter and a Celestron 10mm Kellner eyepiece. Tested in a Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT and captured with a Sony Cybershot 14mp DSC-W610 compact digital camera, handheld near the eyepiece, ISO 80, exposure -2.0, 8x zoom.

Visually looking at Jupiter the eyepiece has light scatter and some ghosting from the bright planet and bright smaller objects but when the Moon and Sky Glow filter is fitted the view becomes better, dropping the brightness of Jupiter and giving more contrast to the gas bands, the Great Red Spot and and polar region gas cloud area edges showing well. Also there was some fainter detail starting to show on the edge of the central bands and within them on those momentary seconds of good seeing. Editing the image was easier too with more natural colour showing in the original photo without the bright planet washing everything out when not using the filter. I was quite surprised really with the filter. The Kellner eyepiece I can't really complain about either considering it's price, I just don't know why they wouldn't fully multicoat them as I'm sure they would perform much better. I'll definitely be keeping the filter.


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    • By Aussie Dave
      I've had some breaks in the clouds and smoke for some nice solar imaging, conditions still not great but I was happy to get these. In a 3 minute video on the laptop screen some good detail comes through a couple of times a minute briefly for a few seconds. The second image is around 2 minutes as cloud covered the sun at the start of the last minute of the video so I had to stop the recording.
      Captured in SharpCap with the ZWO ASI 224MC and Celestron UV/IR cut off filter in the Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT with focal extension tubes. Aligned and stacked in AutoStakkert, wavelets in RegiStax, edited in PaintDot Net.
      15th November 2017

      18th November 2017

    • By Aussie Dave
      I noticed tonight a lonely Jupe video that I hadn't processed.
      Captured with the Celeston Neximage 5 Color Solar System Imager in iCap with the Celestron Nexstar 8i SCT with focal extension tubes, focal length about 2500mm.
      PIPP used to get the better 4000 frames from a 3 minute video with 20% of these stacked in Autostakkert with 1.5x drizzle. Wavelets in RegiStax and finished in PaintDotNet.

    • By Aussie Dave
      Jupiter from last night, 400 frames.

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