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Got lucky and had another good ISS pass.

  • 200/1200 dobson
  • ZWO ASI 290MC with a 2.5x Powermate (imaging camera)
  • ZWO ASI 1600MM (guide camera)
  • 380 gain
  • 1 msec exposure
  • Recorded at 160 fps

For an explanation of my setup see my last post. Prior to this pass I collimated my scope for the first time since forever and it seems to make a big difference. Details in the body of the ISS are much clearer, like the ripple in the radiators or the seperation of the modules.

Out of roughly 72.000 frames 600 contained the ISS. The gif consists of 160 images cherry picked and manually aligned in photoshop. Auto centering in PIPP and Photoshop Auto-Align didn’t cut it this time, probably because of the faint solar panels.

I hope it's ok that I'm posting 2 versions, a gif of the pass and the best frame.


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