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Upgrading 8" Quattro with a Moonlight?

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I have an 8" carbon fibre Quattro. Until a few days ago I was happy with it's performance, but I seem to have developed a tilted field that no amount of collimation seems to fix. I have all the tools - Catseye, Glatter laser, Tublug etc so I'm quite confident that I am getting it collimated. It's just that as soon as I add a coma corrector, filter wheel and ccd, the focuser seems to have developed a sag. No amount of adjustment has fixed the focuser sag. Has anyone upgraded the focuser to a Moonlight? Did it make the Quattro perform any better - less sag than the original focuser? Maintain collimation better? Worth the money? I have a Moonlight on my C11, so I know they are nice, but I'm interested in a before/after comparison with the Skywatcher original.



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