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GRS position in stellarium 15.0


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Hi all

Sorry I know this has been covered here and elsewhere but still not getting a sensible position for the GRS using either default or custom settings. I',m using Project PLuts for reference, and assuming that the times given are UTC, so am adding 1 hour to this for BST. Also I'm assuming the time is for mid transit, not transit start - I think thats the convention, though this isnt mentioned (that I can see) on the PP page.

Taking 20th April as an example, PPluto says GRS is 22.25 or 23.25 BST. If I use default settings, the GRS is only about 1/4 way across transit. If I use custom settings and refer to the graph I get for Feb 2017 a posn of 263 degrees. Not sure what this is supposed to mean? The position is 263 degrees at what time? If I inuput 263 degrees into Stellarium the error is greater. Inputting a figure of 222 degrees seems to make it about right.

I must be mis-understanding how this is supposed to be used! Any clues please??


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