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A very late Cone


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A high 90% Moon, a slightly dodgy sky, and a rapidly sinking target... makes for perfect imaging conditions? nahh! Didnt want to let that stop me though :)

So this is probably the last bit of Ha for a while, until Cygnus swings around again (where I'll be off to the dark site with the 135mm f2). I pretty much guided this one into the fence, and you could see the deterioration in the data as it slowly sank into the murk, but I stacked the lot anyway for what its worth. I also popped the camera into 2x2 bin to make the most of the short(ish) run.

One problem I ran into though was "walking noise", and my usual method of calibration/stacking wasnt working so I went for the full monty of darks, bias, flats and dark flats - which seemed to do the trick nicely.


19x450 (Ha) 2x2bin

200pds, Atik 383L+. NEQ6

Thanks for looking :)



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Thanks guys :) 

I'm just a bit stumped on what to go for next, and whether it's worth dragging the 8" out to the dark site - or stick with the lens and do some of the IFN around polaris or draco. The easter Bank holiday looks promising, so I'll have a think about it.

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11 minutes ago, swag72 said:

Nice one Rob.... Finally found some Ha in Cygnus at 03:30 this morning :D 

lol... thats faaar too late for me! Maybe towards the end of the month or May will be the time to start for me.... even then it will be something like 1.30am before I can get a bead on it.

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