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Maxim - odd behaviour... thoughts?


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Hi gang

Despite using and loving SGPro, it doesn't (yet?!) have all the features for my intended obsy automation project - so I am again working through Maxim!

The ultimate aim is that I will use CCD Commander to orchestrate everything, with Maxim being the engine for guiding and acquisition. CCD Commander will monitor the environment via my AAG Cloudwatcher, and will ultimately decide when to open and/or close the obsy roof....

On the scope I have an Atik One 6.0, with an Atik GP as the guide camera via an OAG, the latest drivers are installed and work perfectly with SGPro and PHD2.


Maxim, however, does not want to play!

When I calibrate the guider, the first two readings I get for the star position are exactly the same - it draws the L-shape as expected, but only with 4 points, not the 5. When I try and guide, the X-axis reports an ever increasing amount of error, before the guide star disappears off the tracking box. If I then stop the tracking and do a new exposure, the guide star is pretty much exactly where it was originally!

The really odd thing is that the scope is moving when Maxim does the calibration steps - I can see this in both EQASCOM and the Telescope tab in Maxim - it's just that Maxim thinks it hasn't! I can move the mount manually in Maxim via the MOVE buttons, so I know everything is communicating as expected!


I am begining to suspect that Maxim just doesn't like the ASCOM driver for the GP - but I'd be interested in any other thoughts!

It's Maxim 5.15 btw...




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