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Walking on the Moon

Canon 700 D

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What is the best lens to use and settings if I want to take photos of the milkyway? I got my first Canon 700 D and starter kit lenses efs 18-55mm macro 0.25m/0.8ft and efs 55-250mm macro 0.8m/2.8ft. I am a complete novice so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks 

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Welcome to SGL, that a nice camera for AP and the 18-55 mm lens will be fine for taking shots of the milky way. The problem you will face is getting the focus correct but if you use the live view function and zoom in its should be pretty straightforward, if you are using a fixed tripod then experiment with exposures between 10 and 20 seconds and see what you get.  Good luck and hope to see some of your first efforts, we have all been there.


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Give the kit lens go as you already have it.  The lens at 18mm and about 20s exposures with iso 800 or 1600(depending on the light pollution you have) should be fine for the milk way.  What kind of mount dp you have?  I did my first milk way pictures with it and an alt az mount and it still is one of my favorite pictures. 

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