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Celestron 94307

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Hi all,


I Looked around at some eye pieces to upgrade from the standard 10mm and 20mm that came with my scope. I was looking at the Omni series from Celestron but noticed there was a kit designs for my scope. So I took the plunge and brought myself an early birthday present . The kits comes with a x2 Barlow a 15mm and a 6mm, priced between £50-£80 I thought it wouldn't be to bad quality wise..

The 15mm looks good, defiantly a happy medium between the stock 20mm and 10mm, it will Probably be one of my more favourite pieces now, Jupiter looked good and eye relief wasn't bad. This was when I decided to try out my new Barlow lens although it just made the image completely blurry. I'm hoping it was the weather conditions rather than the lens itself. I just couldn't find ''the sweet spot''. any way, has any one got the same kit? if so how did you find it?

I'm waiting for good weather to test out the 6mm, fingers crossed.


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What scope do you have ?

The eyepieces in this kit are around the same quality as the stock items other than the 6mm which I believe is of the plossl type.

If Jupiter was looking OK at lower powers but then blurry when the barlow lens was used it was probably because the seeing conditions would not support the higher magnification. Doubling the magnification is a big step - it's usually best to increase in small increments until you reach the point where you are getting the optimum for the target object and seeing conditions that night.


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Ahhh ok, Kind of a waste of money then! if there the same as the stock pieces!, I think I will get one from the Omni series next month then, see if it makes any difference. and I have a Celestron Astromaster 90EQ, the spec says max usable is 213x although I calculated 180ish would be the optimum before the images start to deteriorate.


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180x would be the absolute max under top conditions on a suitable target such as the moon or double stars. For Jupiter it's generally best to use less than the max to get the sharpest and most contrasty view. Last night I found 130x-150x the optimum with my 100mm Takahashi refractor. The seeing conditions were "so so". That was enough to see the surface detail that was available including the Great Red Spot crossing the disk.

The Omni's would be a bit better quality. If you can run to one (£35 used or £49 new) the BST Starguiders are much better.



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hi matt, i was thinking of purchasing this kit, can you please update when you have had more use with it, i was looking at jupiter thru 10mm for the first time last night it was excellent and i kept thinking if only i had a barlow or a 6mm. Ps how are the filters? Not the best pic but can see the moons loving this new hobbie


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